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If you are reading this then you are probably trying to decide if Andrew Mitchem is the real deal and if his online forex training is worth the investment. I hope that this review will answer all your questions, but if you are still unsure after this or if you’d like me to recommend an alternative you are welcome to contact me and I will help where I can. In this review I’m mainly going to focus on the most important things that I think you should know – what other customers are saying about Andrew’s course and if his methods are profitable or not. Before we get to that, let me give you some behind the scenes information about the course that you won’t find on Andrew’s public website.

What is Andrew Mitchem’s Course All About?

As mentioned on Andrew’s site, the video course consist of about 4-5 hours of online forex education, accompanied by a course manual, 3 months of daily trade recommendations, bi-weekly training webinars and custom software. The main part of the course revolves around price action trading using candlestick formations around key levels of support and resistance.

He also teaches a unique method of using fibonacci ratios, pivot points and trend lines to help identify trades with the highest risk:reward ratio. In addition to the main strategy he also teaches a trend continuation/reversal strategy that uses Stochastics and Bollinger bands to identify additional trading opportunities when the market is trending.

According to Andrew’s students, the course includes many live trading examples and exact entry and exit rules, as well as detailed information about trade management, so in terms of the content of the course and the quality of the material there are definitely no problems.

What Do Andrew’s Customers Say?

I’ve collected more than 30 reviews from real customers of Andrew Mitchem from consumer rating sites that I trust and the overwhelming majority of these were extremely positive. The average star rating for this course is 4.9 out of 5, which makes this one of the highest rated forex courses I have ever reviewed.

All the customer feedback that I have read agree that Andrew’s customer support is outstanding and that they are finally seeing consistent profits in their trading for the first time. Another important point that stands out in a lot of reviews is the fact that Andrew is a real trader and not just someone who makes a living from coaching. The fact that Andrew leads by example and shares all the details of his own trades with his customers is one of the things that really makes this course unique.

I always like to include some negative feedback when I review a product, but in this case it was very hard to find. The only negative thing I can say about Andrew’s course is that it’s rather expensive, but if you consider everything that’s included you can’t really compare this with the typical $97 ebook out there.

Bottom Line – Should You Buy This Course?

One of the problems that I always find with forex systems and and forex trading training is the fact that it’s so hard to commit to something. It’s so easy to jump from one course to the next, not commiting to anything because you are always worrying that there might be something better out there. I know how it is, because I suffer from this same condition.

However, when you look at the feedback from Andrew’s customers, you get the sense that none of them will ever buy another forex course again and to me that is the biggest testimony of this course. The bottom line is that people are having great results with Andrew’s strategies and if you want to learn forex strategies from an experienced trader, then this is definitely one of the best forex training programs available.

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